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Chic, rebellious
and natural

Created amid the intoxicating scents of the simple garden on the Les Trois Arbres estate, our Tree gin is the perfect blend of tradition and innovation.

Special Edition

Mademoiselle Luna


Hailed by influencers, fashionistas, opinion-formers and queens of the night, Tree is now available in a ‘pureness’ version, with a special series called pink. The bottle was designed by the wonderful and resilient Mademoiselle Luna, Wallonia's most feel-good DJ and queen of the weekend on Radio Contact.

Type / Herby

Botanical influences / Marshmallow, liquorice, chicory, grapefruit

Info / 500ml - 37,5%


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The TreeGin Secret

Created amid the intoxicating scents of the simple garden on the Les Trois Arbres estate, our Tree gin is the perfect blend of tradition and innovation.

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Perfect for casual get-togethers with friends or late-night parties, Tree Gin is in the style of a classic London Dry Gin, but with a distinctly Belgian twist - a subtle, completely authentic blend of marshmallow, angelica, liquorice and chicory.

Tree transcends tastes and genres, with no harshness and full respect for the environment.


This respect is also evident in the choice of bottle, made from 95% recycled glass 100% sourced from consumers. To conserve resources and reduce our carbon footprint, we even keep the bottles that are visually imperfect but pose no risk to consumers. This responsible choice has enabled us to reduce our waste production by 10%.

These flavours combine sensually with aromas of anise, elderflower, fennel, lemon verbena, coriander, lemon peel and orange, all patiently and skilfully macerated in the purest grain alcohol, with no preservatives or additives.

An intoxicating blend of delicacy and character, naturalness and complexity, Tree is a remarkably well-balanced gin that can be drunk neat, with tonic, or in cocktails. Sensual and refined, its deliciously floral bouquet will appeal to delicate noses that are resistant to alcoholic fragrances.

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Gin in the Box


Dear gin lover,

Delphine, Mademoiselle Luna, was very passionate about this gin we created together.
This was "Concentrated Mademoiselle Luna". She got involved in every step of the process with zeal and energy: the choice of ingredients, the packaging, etc.

She was keenly aware of the distinct symbolic significance of all the elements to do with her gin: lotus blossom, grapefruit & Buddha’s hand.

Throughout our entire working relationship, which started in 2021 when she had not been affected by her illness yet, Delphine maintained the same drive, passion and the same enjoyment in spite of the circumstances. When her gin came on the market last September, for her and for our people, this was the culmination of a beautiful human adventure.

In Delphine’s memory, we have decided to continue to make and sell her gin. We believe this is what she would have wanted, especially as she was extremely proud of the result.
We will be happy to pass on part of the income from these sales to a cancer charity.

The Tree Gin team